Application Procedure

May Abreu and Francis Abreu

Letter of Inquiry

Prior to submitting a full proposal, it is required to submit a letter of inquiry in order to determine the potential eligibility of the request. The letter of inquiry should include the following information ONLY:

  • A brief description of the organization and the project for which the applicant is seeking funding for. (Keep in mind the Trust does not support general operating.)
  • Total cost for the project.
  • A list of the organizations board members.
  • Contact person

If the Trust determines that the proposed project is eligible for consideration then the applicant will be contacted and asked to complete the application for review during the next grant cycle.

To get started, please take our Eligibility Quiz and submit your Letter of Inquiry using our online application form:

Submit a Letter of Inquiry

Full Proposal

Please note that full proposals are accepted by invitation only.

The Board meets twice a year, normally April and October. If you are asked to submit a full proposal the deadline to do so is March 31st and September 30. Late proposals will not be reviewed until the next grant cycle. Only full and complete proposals will be considered.

Although the types of documentation needed for adequate consideration of a project may vary, a full proposal needs to include the following:

  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Statement of mission
  • Overview of programs, services and people being served
  • Board of directors & staff
  • Current annual operating budget and year-to-date financial statement

Specific information as it relates to the grant request should include:

  • The amount of funds being requested
  • Brief description of the project and timetable
  • Why the project is needed and the impact it will have on the community
  • Project budget

If you have been invited by the foundation to submit a full proposal, you must complete your application using our online application form:

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